2009 WUSS Analytics & Statistics

September 4th, 2009 by Jerry

Went to the 2009 Western Users of SAS Software conference the last few days (01 Sep - 03 Sep), where I co-chaired the Analytics & Statistics section with Scott Leslie. Saw a lot of great presentations covering a wide variety of topics. Virtually every statistical concept was covered across the section, from t-tests to kriging. My contribution this year was on a genetic algorithm implementation within SASĀ® that can be generally applied to any sort of regression model. If you’re interesting in seeing the presentation, you can find it on the Publications page.

Going to the conference is a lot of fun. Got to re-connect with old friends and colleagues and make a few new ones. <strong>Thanks to the academic chair, Raoul Bernal, for inviting me to volunteer. Helping run the conference was a great opportunity to give back to a community that has given me much. And thanks very much to my session co-ordinators, who made sure everything ran smoothly– David Cassell, Tim Johnson; Alex Zolot, Eric Wong; Mikael Peterson, and David Pasta.

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SAS Conference Papers

November 8th, 2008 by Jerry

Yesterday, I made the acquaintance of somebody named Qing. I did not catch your last name, Qing, maybe it was Zhou or Zhao? Anyway, you wanted to know where online the SAS conference papers are kept. You can find a whole bunch of them at the Lex Jansen web site. Look to the right in the “Blogroll” and you will find the link. The WUSS 2008 papers are not yet up, but I am sure we will find them soon.

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